Condition codes

Below are the eight condition codes that have become standard when grading antiquarian comic books worldwide (according to the Seriekatalogen 96/97). 

M = MINT Perfect new condition. The copy is unread and shows no defects, not even manufacturing. Corners and edges are razor sharp, the back is smooth without creases, the paper is white and the colors are clear. 

NM = NEAR MINT Almost perfect new condition. Like new; the specimen shows extremely small defects. Only with a thorough inspection can one detect insignificant traces of distribution or handling. The back may have a few, barely noticeable fractures. Corners and edges may not be quite as perfect as on a Mint. 

VF = VERY FINE Very good condition. A well-preserved and nice copy with few defects. A back sandpaper or tear on and a few millimeters, minimal folds, slightly faded cover or slightly yellowing sides can be accepted. 

FN = FINE Good condition. A visible read but well-kept copy. No disturbing tears, creases, gaps or the like may occur. The back is smooth and firm and must not be rolled. The center spread must be fixed. 

VG = VERY GOOD Acceptable condition. A normally worn copy. Read, but without any serious defects. What may occur are insignificant graffiti (eg filled in crossword puzzles) or minor creases, tears and dorsal lobes. The overall impression is a used but "nice" copy. 

G / GD = GOOD Less good condition. The copy is visibly read and fairly carried. However, the cover must not be divided and preferably not loose. Loose center spread may, however, occur, as well as graffiti to a lesser extent. The back can be rolled and have long gaps. Smaller pieces (usually edge or corner pieces) may be missing on the cover. 

F / FR = FAIR Poor condition. A very worn copy with clearly visible defects. Loose leaves and parts may occur. Also missing parts such as tabs, coupons, collectibles or smaller parts of the cover. More than half a page should not be missing. 

P / PR = POOR Very poor condition. The copy can show in principle any defects, Tape, graffiti, stains, etc. If pages are missing, this should be stated separately.